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Wedding Photographer Bath

Welcome to the best in fashionable wedding photography. My commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering outstanding images with a fresh and modern feel remains my number one focus. My relaxed approach and fly-on-the-wall style of shooting, balanced with stylish portraits, dramatic black & white and emotion - driven documentary work, means that you will have a collection of breath taking photographs of your special day to cherish for a lifetime.

When you hire me to photograph your wedding day, you are securing piece of mind - for you and your love ones, because I am a specialist wedding photographer near Bath. Have you ever heard the saying, Jack of all trades and master of none? Well, would you really want a portrait or dog photographer in charge of your wedding photography? The simple answer is no, why, because they aren't a specialist. They may be very good, but you run the risk of them missing special 'one off moments' because they weren't anticipating them.

As a professional wedding photographer, I am based in the world heritage city of Bath, but many of my weddings are also in the surrounding areas of Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Living where I do, I'm very spoilt for choice with picturesque back drops, which are ideal pre-wedding, engagement shoot locations and dedicated marriage venues.